1. HE IS SO ADORABLE! (I have to shout, because in space, no one can here you talk in a normal tone of voice.) He is seriously free to probe me anytime, except possibly when I'm meeting the President or feeling ticklish. So, so, so, so cute! <3

  2. that is beautiful, fun and quirky!! The colors and texture to this beautiful, he keep that probe to himself, lol!!!!!! Happy Paint Party Friday!

  3. happytiler

    I have yet to not LOVE your characters…this guy is amazing too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Cheryl in Colorado

    Posted my version of little guy, very similar to Sarah's original, but it has cute little teeth, inspired by my 9 month old grandson's 6 teeth (of which he is VERY proud…. and well he should be!) When we talk about his teeth, he just swells up with joyous pride and wiggly happiness. Somehow, that mystically came thru in my version of the little guy. That quality seemed enough to convey "love" so instead of putting a heart on the sign, I decided to put "phone home". A call out to my daughter and step-son…
    Three things I learned from this project:
    1) How fun it is to do an art project in one sitting. First. Time. Ever. (I usually take months …)
    2) How easy it is to do the little paint spots that are flicked on. Another first time for me. Makes for great galaxy / star back-ground. I think I was as proud of that as little William is of his teeth…
    3) It's hard to mix enough pigment into white gesso to make it black. So that I could keep some of my paint for painting, I decided that lavendar-gray was good enough.

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