1. HEEE!!! I love them SO much. I want to have them and hug them and kiss them and call them George.

    I am so excited to watch your video! whoop whoop!

  2. Haha I totally knew it was Powerpuff Girls. Hilarious! HOLY COW speedy video. How long did the painting take? I don't know what I would do for this one. It's a great idea! So Butterscotch went through the whole thing looking quite tired, but then she brightened up at the end. Well, brightened with her classic scowl. 😀

    • Butterscotch LOL. I knew I was too tired when I typed that thing. Or maybe I was dreaming of sugary goodness. Either way, I think Buttercup would be pissed to hear I had wronged her in this fashion!

    • I am so glad you recognized them! The actual painting took more than two hours. And you should think about it, because I bet you could do something super fantastic – like Pepe LePew in fancy dress! 😀

  3. oddly enough…the first thing i thought when i saw this painting was that it was a cartoon version of you, Sarah and Cindy. anybody else seeing that? hmmm…great video, Ann! love seeing the different ways you and Sarah work!

    no idea what cartoon id do but if i come up with something…ill do the posty-posty thing. hugs!

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