1. OMFG, so many things to love here! 1) YOU! You are so fucking adorable I can't stand it! I wanted to smooch my computer screen right on the cheek, except it doesn't have a cheek, but the point is SMOOCHES! For you! You are the cutest ever, and I love the hat! 2) The wax! It is so fun watching it expand and whiten on the video. Hee! 3) The octopus hat! I love his expression. 4) The super thin lines. How on earth did you get such a fine line when you did (for example) the dude's eyebrow / brow ridge? That was boggling my mind.

    Fantastic video. Love the close shot while you were working on the face &c!

    • 1) Awwww! <3 I hope you made out with your computer thoroughly! ;D
      2) I know, so fun! It was fun messing with it.
      3) Heheheh!
      4) I definitely get better fine lines with a fat brush that comes to a nice point than a tiny one. Really super light pressure!


  2. Not to be outdone, YOU are also very charming and likable on camera! Is it freezing cold in your house or are you shy about your neck? You look different all bundled up! (Though, the webcam did some funky slow-mo and also I read if you un-tape your camera people in Belgium will look in.) (I might have made most of that up.)

    I am not playing along as much as I thought I would by this point. But I am totally enjoying the videos! I still have a half-finished fuzzy dog on an 8×10 black canvas I may get back to eventually. (Not multimedia but still canvases!)

    I love the super cute hilarious little octopus. Maybe I need one. But then I would feel bad and I would need to find his people and set him free.

    • hahah thanks! I don't like being on camera, but I thought about the videos I watch all the time, and they all have the person's face on camera at least for a little while, so I figured I'd try it. I wear that scarf all the time, it's not really warm, and I'm growing out my hair, so hats are going to be necessities for the next few months, I think.. lol I guess both, cold/neck.. it was cold in here and the light was weird and making me look EXTRA jowly. Yuck.

      The camera has since been retaped. Screw you, Belgium!

      I am glad you like them! Did you burn out on painting during the 30/30?

      Thank you! We all need a super cute hilarious little octopus. Look how happy it makes him!

  3. ukmaryanne

    Outstanding. That SO reminds me of the illustrations in The Very Persistent Gappers of Fripp (one of my all time favourite kids books) – so much so I have to go find it and read it again!


    Mary Anne

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