1. morentin1326

    Lumpin' Awesome… Love your canvas… and of course anyone who loves LSP and her Squeez-E-Mart dress is double awesome…

      • morentin1326

        i wish i could upload my ringtone of her Hey Girl… and I need some lumpin' Waffles for my Dump truck… LOL.. this way you could hear Hey girl all the time…

        • hahahah that's awesome. I am now inspired to change my text tone to "hey girl" as soon as I'm bored of the MoogleNet one I'm using right now!! 😀 😀

  2. Another great video, so neat to watch! And I think LSP would be fine with the change in wording. It still sounds cool. Haha. My painting (in general) has stalled! Arrgh!

  3. This was a lot of fun to watch! <3 The funny thing was it was really cold in the house and the huzbuz and I were huddled in our bedroom (he with his 3DS, I with my computer) and his ears perked up when I took a look at the "Adventure Time" video that went with it. 😀

    Just linked mine up, but I didn't quite throw the kitchen sink on there, but just about everything but!

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