1. Fantastic! Love the video! A very spooky and wonderfully monochromatic face. I love the idea of finger painting! At the moment I have not painted in a week or so (ink instead!), but maybe a finger painting to get back to it is just the ticket!

  2. How fabulous is that painting – I loved it before I realized how you painted it – I always use my fingers but not for a whole painting. I need to try that

  3. VERY cool video! There's nothing wrong with having turquoise fingers! I love the monochromatic and how eerie this feels. GO YOU!

    I am curious (have been for the past few weeks…) as to where you're finding the music to go along with it. All of them have been great and pulling my muse out of hiding! Excellent taste you have!

    I linked mine up, and again, my muse boomer-ranged as it seems to lately.

    • Thanks, lady!!

      I get most of it from freemusicarchive.org – if you check out the videos on youtube the links are in the descriptions! I'm glad you like it!

      I am off to check it out RIGHT NOW.

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