1. I've never actually created anything like this, so I'm actually kinda curious as to how it will turn out for me. I am totally feeling the love for the iridescent gold. 😀 I painted a dragon years ago and that was the most amazing stuff to perfectly accent him. Everything looked all nice and pretty and alright, and then BAM! The light hit that gold and HELLO SHINY! I will have to find a picture of that.
    Anyway, awesome vid! As usual. Sorry to hear you are sick. That blows. Get some rest. 😉

    • I've had iridescent paints before – I have a whole bucket of Twinkling H2Os and 45 different kinds of metallic and iridescent craft paints.. but man. Nothing really compares to this stuff. It's crazy awesome.

  2. Awesome video! A of all, I need to get some of that pastel ground so I can play with my new pencils on top of my beloved paint. Number B, you are way clever with the combining of steps! $10 says I would have applied the medium to the canvas, THEN put on the paint. Oy.

    Sub-paragraph C, I was SUPER intrigued when you got out the tracing paper! Once I realized you were using it for masking, I started to laugh. I so need to get something like that for masking. I currently use whatever I have nearest: Unpaid bills, post-it notes, whatever. It's super pro.

    Great video, and amazing results! Go you!

    • It's super awesome! The first time I used it (on my journal), I started applying it to the page and was all, "man this shit is super gloopy" – then I read the label where it says you have to thin it with up to 40% water. oops. So while I was thinning it with water, I figured "wtf, I may as well tint it while I'm at it!"

      I usually use whatever's handy for the masking.. but since it was such a weird shape and I wanted to keep it ONLY to the blue, I figured "screw it, I'll go all professional like" 😀

      Thanks, cutiepants! <3

  3. [HAHA. Oh lord. I have paused the video about 1:14 because you picked up the wrong tub of Golden.. stuff. Stuff that goes with acrylics. Holy crap they make so many things you can buy to mix with your paints to do so many things. I have two only so far – Retarder and Glazing Medium. I like both and I am worried I will need seven more kinds. Ok, back to the video.]

    People spray paintings with hairspray? Haha. I love the video! I have avoided metallic paints so far because TOO MANY THINGS. It was hard to tell what kind of effect you got with that template over the gold, but it looks kind of like scales? Also – toothbrush stars!

    • hahahah oh god, so many mediums. I have airbrush medium (which thins it like water but doesn't dilute the pigment) and glazing medium is awesome… and then there are the grounds, everything from digital ground, to let you print on weird stuff, to silverpoint to pastel ground, which is what I used, and absorbent ground, which is what I picked up – it lets you use watercolor on canvas or paper or anything that doesn't normally accept watercolor. Like rocks, I guess? 😉

      OMFG people DO spray with hairspray! and then people in workshops actually RECOMMEND IT, which blows my everlovin' mind. The stencil (which was star-shaped sequin waste) gave it a subtle star pattern. 😀

      If you do decide to go for a metallic, I HIGHLY HUGELY recommend that one.

  4. happytiler

    So inspirational!! I love love love your characters and wow you style just makes me want to paint paint paint!! Awesome job! Thanks for sharing!! Excellent video!

  5. Hope you're feeling better! ~<3

    This was a fun one…though I totally didn't stray far from the original concept (in a way…). Though, don't let the Preview fool you…I was silly enough to paint my image over two canvases, and then put them together, and it just shows the center. >.<

    I really didn't see the point in tracing paper until I saw this, and WOAH shiney stars via TOOTHBRUSH! BRILLIANT!

    The writing actually kind of made me feel somewhat guilty as I should be developing my alphabet for the world in which my painting (and lore) are based. It might be just the inspiration needed to kick my tail hard enough to develop it.

    …in short, Hope you kick the bug that's got you down, Rockin' Video!, I screwed up my link but it's there, Learned a lot, and now I'm going to go stew on my writing… LOL

    • LOL yowza! Sorry to contribute to the guilt but happy to kick you in the ass 😀

      Like I said earlier in the reply to Ann's comment, I usually just grab a piece of scrap paper and rip it into a sort of similar shape, but then I always end up with weird mask shapes, so I figured I'd go exact!

      Now I'm going to go find your painting so I can comment on it! 😀

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