1. 😀 I *finally* got to watch the video (stupid YouTube Grrrr!) And I too am super excited to try something I've never done before (paint on black canvas). I need to go get more canvases however, so……yeah. LOL

  2. Okay, I had to circle back around to watch the video, too, and it's awesome! I loved watching you paint a) the ice; and b) the fur. THE FUR! Did I mention I love the fur?

    Killer song this week. Where can I find a copy?

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the pink bunny monster! On the moon! Terrific video, sort of mesmerizing (also the music). You were using some kind of brush thing that was more like a pen? I couldn't really figure out what it was. It has a green barrel and you were dipping it in the cap of light craft paint?

    Also! I picked up 2 8×10 black canvases a while back and maybe this will be a good time to use one. The first painting I did was on black canvas, for the 30 painting challenge (teeny 4×4 cat in hat). 😀

      • Ok, what are you drawing with at the beginning, and erasing? Is it a white colored pencil? And do you have a special eraser for it? (I need to start a supply thread somewhere so everyone can tell me their favorite painting supplies!)

        • (I think my favorite supplies change every week. hahah!)

          It's just a white Conte pencil and erased with just a regular eraser. I also like to use white charcoal pencils – the lines erase with just water! 😀

  4. LOVE the cotton-Candy Bunny and this new challenge! (I got a little behind due to life, but I'm back on track now.) I just love watching your techniques and mad-skills! The idea of ice skating on the moon is just brilliant!

    The challenge was a lot more fun than I anticipated, and ended up going a completely different direction.

  5. I LOVE this mad bunny! Girl, you make me wanna go up in the studio and paint. Instead of sit here and try to pick a new Artistcellar Design Team 😀

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