1. Terrific video! It's probably no surprise that collage and gelli things are not my thing, but I love watching the painting of the face! I actually enjoy watching the whole thing, just to see it come to life!

    It occurred to me I joined up the last couple but I am not following the prompt. I think you said you don't have to follow the prompt. Should the entries have more of the different kind of elements like yours, or is plain old acrylic and ink mighty fine? 😀

    • Thank you! Collage has never really been my thing either (I love the gelli plate just because it makes it easy to paint the entire background at once.. hahaha), but I'm working on it.

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOo of course not. The challenge is completely optional!! 😀

  2. Alright. I'm gonna do the whole drip thing again (facepalm). Hopefully it goes way better for me this time than it did last time. Challenge in = growth out, right? Bring it on. (I do love this week's video :D)

  3. The video was so much fun to watch this morning! Love how the hair just continues to drip and flow! Way to go!

    Mine ended up less happy, though believe it or not I started with light blue…LOL!

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