1. So pretty and different! The palette is SO terrific. Hooray, painting adventures! I would like to know how to get more people over here, for crying out loud. It's a tricky process. I have included a link with today's painting at my place. I think if you continue to do it, the people will eventually come. (But you and Ann have SO MUCH GOING ON. Because you are crazy people.)

    • If we build it, they will come. 😉

      Participation is a tricky thing for sure – I have faith that we'll get a bunch of people playing along eventually 😀

  2. This concept is AMAZING….though in the case of my muse very terrifying. Took me a couple of weeks to get up the courage to actually accomplish this. But, I feel as though this set of challenges will be something that really makes me stretch and grow.

    Thanks for creating the opportunity that pushes me beyond my current limits. You rock!

    • I am so proud of you for doing it even though it scared you! and you rock for understanding that the challenge is all about going outside of the comfort zones. <3

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