1. fantastic idea with the colored tissue … good that I bought a set recently …lol… have to give this a try! Thanks for the fab video and your always so fantastic inspiriations!
    froebelsternchen Susi

  2. The video is superfabulous! I love watching you put down the torn paper in fast-mo! What is that brush you're using? In fast-mo, it looks fancy!

    You have officially sold me on the X stencil, by the way. It's so cool!

    It's also really fun watching you suggest all of the facial contours without covering the torn paper. The guy came out looking amazingly cool – and I think covering up the hummingbird text was totally fortuitous, because it adds depth behind him that makes him extra dynamic.

    Yay torn paper with stencils! 😀

  3. Cheryl in Colorado

    Even tho' my project was in the works long before Sarah's challenge this week, I decided to include it here…. 'cause there's A LOT of torn paper in it…. and, also 'cause I'm kinda proud of it. 3 things I learned from Sarah that helped me with this project:
    1) Drawing faces… even tho' mine is less unique than Sarah's faces, I learned by oh-so-carefully watching the you-tube videos…. before that I was too intimidated to try to draw faces…. this is a breakthrough for me.
    2) Aspen Leaf corners were an inspiration from Sarah's sew on canvas project. After watching that yt episode, I went to Joann's and looked through the vast jewelry selection and found the apsen leaf earrings, which fit the corners so magically well…. (not actually sewnt on tho', backed by wood in the corners…. I could've nailed or stapled it on but just glued it). I do like the notion of piercing the canvas, be it sewing or applying jewelry or etc… holding it in mind for future project.
    3) to unabashedly mix mediums


    • OMG Cheryl!!! It is absolutely beautiful!! GO YOU with the faces and the mixing of the medias!! Your fox <3 <3 <3

      I saw your dude from the sci-fi challenge in there, too, so flippin' cute!!!

      • Cheryl in Colorado

        heehee!! Thanks so much Sarah! ….. love your inspirations…. and out of box experimenting!


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