1. You are so freaking clever, girl! I love this project. I would never have thought to tint Triple Thick! I also love the way you applied the red paint to the stripes, and then the (brown?) on top of it. I need to experiment with that approach – perhaps on my challenge canvas!

    Also, your sideshow family SERIOUSLY wants to come and live with me. They all told me so. <3

  2. It was Folk Art Burgundy followed by Folk Art Artist's Pigment True Burgundy followed by watered-down Golden Van Dyke Brown 😀

    and I am so happy you like it! I am trying to think of a good name for them so I can add it to the bottom right of the canvas. Then I'll add hanging stuff! Woooo!

  3. Cheri Quigley Hayward

    I freakin’ LOVE the background! Will be watching this video tonight (can’t wait!) I am loving thing whole canvas. The theme is just awesome.

  4. HOLY CRAP I love it! I love love tiny tiny portraits. Yes I do. I believe you have inspired me to do a portrait frame for this evening's 30-Paintings &^$%*& thing! But wow, I wanted to watch you do all four faces with the markers. Aaaah, I love stripes. I am rambling. I guess I liked it. OH! Great video but I was sad it got dark for a while there. the end.

    • OMG I love teeny tiny portraits too… and you were the original inspiration talking about tiny portraits in that 'my weird family' swap!! 😀 I was afraid the video would be too long if I did more than one face!! and yeah, my stupid video editing software (and my head blocking hte light) regularly hates me. I just ordered a different one!!

  5. This is gorgeous, Sarah! Really dig it! I have some little tiny frames like that and I think I might use them in a similar way. What a cool idea!

  6. You have inspired me! I have bought resin twice over the years, but I have never tried using it. I shall in 2014!!
    Great video! Oh, and I had never thought of using my caran d-ache crayons with my water based markers… I am soooo going to do that tonight!

    • yay I'm glad!!! I have resin too that I haven't used.. lol

      THank you! I haven't seen anyone do that, so I felt pretty innovative.. hahaha

  7. LOVE the idea of the tiny frames! I'll have to do that in another project with my slide mounts (too bad I JUST thought of that AFTER I finished mine). Only have another 90 or so laying around…

    The video was so cool and inspiring! I really enjoyed watching the layers that went into the background, and the family is just so endearing!

    Go You!

    • Be careful, it is totally addicting. I just ordered a larger frame so that I can do 5 x 7 paintings in the same style.. lol

      Thank you! <3

  8. Finally finished mine 😀 I used tapes to mask off the background for the plaid, and I drew her an ear that f'n ROCKS! Which was a first for me. (I did it by feeling my own ear with the fingers of my left and and mimicking the curves and stuff with my right. It was actually pretty cool. LOL)

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