1. She is so exotic and gorgeous! Me-ow! The beads in her hair are glorious, and I loved watching you add the white highlights to the hair at the end. It was like watching the hair gain depth and dimension. So cool!

    In fact, it was kind of fun watching mistakes happen! Hahaha! It's always a relief to know we all make them (even if we already know we all make them, seeing the proof is very reassuring).

    Another great video!

  2. Faye

    Wonderful video. Yes, I agree that there is an exotic aura around your lovely lady with jewels. And the jewels actually add to that look.

  3. oh, I love this! She looks so dark and mysterious, and the beads add so much to the canvas, they really completely change it. Wonderful idea!

  4. happytiler

    l love our characters and thanks for generously sharing your process! There was a point where the hair looked like dread locks it I loved it at that point too! Still beautiful though!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. i actually took this challenge and got a canvas done! no linky-linky, though…:(

    debating now on how to do the sculpting challenge without having to get out my Sculpey.

    i hope the show season is being good to you, Doll!

    • OH! I added a Mr. Linky if you want to link it up!

      You could paper mache or something…

      It's kind of being an ass, but thank you! lol!

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