1. Utterly amazing. The canvas. The video. You. And cheese.

    One of my favorite things in the entire painting (apart from the green stencil business, which rocks) is the use of the orange color on the nose. It makes me ridiculously happy. I felt like you painted this face in a slightly different way than usual. Is that just the sleep deprivation talking? I freely acknowledge it could be.

    The teeth make my life complete.

    Also, I could watch you work all day. And this canvas is, empirically, one of the coolest things you've ever made, which is saying something pretty big.

    • Thanks sweet cheeks! Cheese is, indeed, awesome.

      Yeah I definitely painted it a bit differently – I usually use red on the nose (it is red), but I think it looks different because the colors are different. I had so much fun with this one, though, and it's easing more into the style that I have been striving for for years now, so that's something!


  2. This must be the smiling one…! Oh wait. Haha. For some reason I am always so entertained when you break out the the dryer. Is it specifically for painting? I imagine you saying, "Paint – you have no power over me. You dry on MY time."

    It really is quite a fantastic face. And I love the crazy yellow hair. And it was so neat when you made the teeny tiny hands though they are a little hard to see. 🙂

    • OMG I always say "okay one will be smiling" and then forget when it actually comes to painting time.


      Yeah the dryer is a heat gun specifically for speeding up paint drying. I get so easily distracted that it seriously saves me from 12 hours of facebook. 😉

      Thank you! I love the tiny hands.. they are easier to see in real life, for sure.

  3. happytiler

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy…you need to add him to your banner so I can see him every single time I visit!! Wonderful and I know he's my favorite so far!! Love the color pallet too!! Still getting the McAfee warning on your page!! Something dangerous here…lol so I'm told!

    Hugs Giggles

    • Thank you, lovely!!

      I have been emailing McAfee to try and get them to stop with the crap, so we'll see how it goes.. lol! Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Hehehe. Even though he has a face only a mother could love, he is very endearing! <3 Love that wild, wild blonde hair and purple skin! <3

    Got mine posted too.

  5. VonnyK

    There's something about him that makes you smile. Love the colours and I love all the crazy things in your shop.

  6. I think you will be proud of me. I misremembered the challenge but still followed the challenge. That's a little bit talented!

    Mr. Linky knows the rest . . .

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