1. The little monster is SO CUTE! Did you start a second bonus canvas panel?

    I love all the range of paints and colors you put in. I'm going to have to experiment more with those flourescents you gifted me! 😀

    • Thank you! <3 I did – it's the back for a journal 😀

      I <3 fluorescents! They don't photograph for crap, but they are awesome.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I must not to forget to visit you, you are always so inspiring!
    Another fun video and art piece, cute monster , loved watching how he evolved.

    Annabelle m..m

  3. Woooo, video! Did you already say what kind of video setup you have? And there's that green pen thing again. I think you said you put paint in there. Seems to work pretty neat! (Maybe one time you could add a smiling person or thing in there.) 😀

    • hahah wooo! I posted a picture on facebook, but it was a while ago – it's just a Sony Handycam that is on a tabletop tripod mounted on the wall over my desk 😀 That green pen thing <3 My Niji Waterbrush – it just has water in it. My acrylic technique is HEAVY on the water.

      Hey, that octopus-hat guy was smiling! Next week, all teeth, just for you!

  4. Hey – I came visiting after you left a comment on my blog and what a strange and wonderful site you have – LOVE it!! My son was especially amazed when he heard an Adventure Time clip playing on my laptop. Can't wait to do more exploring and watch your videos!!

    • Hey! 😀

      Thank you very much!! I hope you enjoy your stay! 😀 Your son obviously has awesome taste. 😉 Adventure Time is HUGELY popular in my house and therefore on the site.. lol!

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