1. Oh, my sweet! The portion of the video where you're outside is so sweet and contemplative and beautiful. I didn't realize when I first looked at the painting that the pink parts of her hair were also flowers (derp). I love seeing the videos and gaining that whole other level of understanding! She's wonderful! <3

    • Thank you! I wish the video I took the day before was better – it was snowing LIKE CRAZY and so pretty!! Oh well. 😀

      That's not derp – I tried hard to make it not so obvious that her hair was flowers.

      <3 <3

  2. Deb/Mom

    Very cool . . . and it was just enough . . . sorry that you had to go to a funeral! XOXOX

  3. I really enjoyed the video. It is so interesting the way different people have a different creative process. Your painting turned out really quirky and interesting. Happy PPf

    • Thanks Sal-licious! Oh man, now I need to do something with a Jack Handy quote.. This one is Stuart Smalley .. they both kick so much ass! lol!

  4. Tam Hess

    Happy Paint Party Friday! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend 🙂 Tam

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Loved watching your video, the outdoor walk to clear your mind and how you created the art work . Love the music as well. I stopped the video numerous times just to see what materials you used; If only I was there to take it in at a slower pace : )
    Thanks for sharing, loved it!

    Annabelle : )

  6. happytiler

    Love you out there in the snow…so true about finding your own word! Thanks for that! Gorgeous art and always you are such a great inspiration!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Oh my gosh she's so ADORABLE with those flowers in her hair. Careful or soon you'll be miss adorable artist instead of miss creepy!

    I always love the videos! Even though slacker me has not been painting. No! It's enough I have been drawing and inking. I will get to the painting soon. Soon enough. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? 😀

    But really, the dramatic wind! The big red hood lending an air of shamanic mystery. The trees, the sky and snow! The wise musings about life. And then watching your painting come to life! My favorite parts are the face painting. I am still ambivalent about stencils in general. Maybe some people who like them, but can also paint things, can explain about using them instead of painting the things yourself. The way you layered the flowers was really cool though, I mean, I can see there's an art to it (but maybe a lot of people who use stencils don't also get the art to it?)

    Was that a nib pen with watercolors in it? omg I need some nib pens. omg no, I have too many things already!

    I will admit the music was not my favorite. Holy cow I wrote another book. The end. 🙂

    • hahahaha I always shoot for creepy with a side of cute or cute with a side of creepy, so an occasional slide in either direction is okay with me, man. 😉

      It is enough!! Do what you can do, and of course it's enough 😀

      hahahah my shamanic hood.. it's totally my Sith Coat. I hide deep in the hood and whine from the shadows like Anakin, though I usually stop before taking down a preschool with a lightsaber. USUALLY. I was driving home the day before in the crazy snowstorm and wanted to stop and record a video in one of the million cemeteries I pass on the way, but I refrained. Imagine the ambiance!

      I could go on for 100 years about my love for stencils. It's easier and quicker, for sure. The soul dancer painting (it's the background image in my other blog) started from layers and layers of stencils thrown down pretty haphazardly and then I found the monster in the lines and went from there… It's definitely got roots deep in the mixed media layering side of the art world – more than half the time the stencils get completely covered up by subsequent layers, but the hints of them are intriguing. Plus I like the perfection of it since my art is so generally irregular… I could never do that huge damask pattern on my own… well, I probably could, but I'd want to kill myself by the end of it. But I love how it looks, and I love being able to pop down a background in three minutes. I have SO MANY stencils, everything from flowers to surveillance cameras and a buff Jesus. I will let you play with them in Rochester if you want! 😀

      I also highly approve of shortcuts.

      That was a dip pen with Golden High Flow acrylics (about the same consistency as ink but the same pigments as Golden paints), and you should totally get one! They're so cheap, and you will love it. Dipping every few lines is a pain at first, but I love it more and more the more I do it. I'm about to totally stop using regular ink pens.

      hahahah it's okay – I only chose it because it was free to use even for commercial purposes and had Enough in the title 😀

      The end!!

  8. TOTALLY freaked when I heard the opening lick, as I was all like "I KNOW THAT SONG!"….and then it turned out that I didn't. The beginning is exact to Poets of the Fall's "War".

    All that aside, I love how much thought was put into this and how it all seems to blend together! I just think it's absolutely Fantastic! <3

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