1. H. Dietz

    Yayyy! So excited! Those are amazing and I'd love to see your journey with this!

    I want to learn design in general, but through fabric arts and sewing. I know the basics, and have accumulated a TON of fabric over the years and two working sewing machines, so I really have no excuse to not tackle it.

    Admittedly, I did a happy dance when I saw that you joined Effy! Working on pages already!

  2. Randi

    A friend of mine's sister (that makes it sound fake, I know. But it's not) made SpongeBob Squarepants little cakes for her daughter'so birthday. The hubby came in and grabbed one off the cookie sheet and popped it in his mouth. She screams NO!! So he takes it out of his mouth immediately and puts it back on the cookie sheet! It looked like the deformed brother of all the other perfect ones, all grinning. And that one–all googlie-eyes. She sent a pic. I choke every time I see that pic. Just imagine…

    • I made many batches of cookies last week to do a "baseline" post, but everyone ate them before I had a chance to decorate them. hahahah

  3. Sunny

    Wow! Those cookies look so amazing. I know I will love yours even more since they will quite likely be angry cookies! Hahaha! I can't wait to see!

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