100 Things to Draw 2014: Submission time!

HEY KIDS!!  As 2013 rolls over and prepares to die, we are prepping our 2014 list of things to draw when you’re bored.  WOO!  Here is what we have so far:

  1. Inanimate objects in glasses
  2. The Flannel Avenger
  3. Bowling pin arms
  4. The key to my heart
  5. World’s worst tattoo
  6. Patron Saint of low bandwidth
  7. The prettiest cyborg
  8. The prettiest cyclops
  9. Mr. Big Brain
  10. Eye Heart Ewe
  11. Cupcake like a Sir
  12. Bob Ross on acid
  13. Mr. Tangerine Speedo
  14. Sexy Sumo
  15. Ninja bananas
  16. Spice Girls Snowglobe
  17. Illustration of a cliche
  18. Mr. Cookie, the cynical street-smart private detective
  19. Bless this Mess
  20. Breaking Bad Puppets
  21. Fever dreams
  22. My Secret Addiction
  23. Fancy Cephalopods
  24. Ridiculous Hat
  25. Geeks in KISS boots
  26. Mime makeup on anything
  27. Robot paper dolls
  28. Interesting wedding cake topper
  29. Grumpy moon
  30. Seven Dwarves not approved by Disney
  31. Self portrait in the style of your favorite cartoon/comic/artist
  32. 80s hair band cover band
  33. Alter ego
  34. Back to nature
  35. Emo cheerleaders
  36. Strange fashions
  37. Mermaids with mustaches
  38. Pretty fly for a white guy
  39. Bee baker
  40. Lightbulb head
  41. Cthulhu ballerina
  42. Killer rodent
  43. It came from Planet X
  44. Flying meat
  45. Mermaid from toxic waters
  46. Napoleon takes a selfie
  47. Just like Grandma used to make
  48. Dali in drag
  49. Donut in disguise
  50. Sci fi mash up
  51. Everyone loves ice cream: Attila the Hun
  52. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire
  53. Ulysses S. Grant in a bathing suit
  54. Vegetable warrior
  55. Everyone loves ice cream: Rasputin
  56. Frida, by Picasso
  57. When Platypuses Attack
  58. Dancing hippo
  59. Mother-in-law from hell
  60. Xena: Warrior Business Analyst
  61. A shark ate my homework
  62. The ideal dessert
  63. Wild thing, you make my heart sing
  64. Velociraptor at my door
  65. Everybody loves ice cream: Machiavelli
  66. I only have eyes for you
  67. Birdhouse in your soul

We’ve left 33 for you!!  If we pick one (or more) of your suggestions, we will happily link to your blog/shop/whatever, so leave your suggestions in the comments of this post along with whatever link you like!

I’m excited to see what you come up with 😀





    • LOL when I first read "Dexter CAT" I thought of CAT scan, not like whiskers and paddy paws… But yeah.. that would be pretty funny.

  1. Trees in Suits, Attack of the Headphones, Ninja Penguins, Bowling Pin People, I must have more coffee!!, Princess Leia Inspired Hair, Grumpy Cats, Poison Labels, My family in the Bayou, Shakespeare: The Rock Opera, It crawled out of the envelope, Drunk Dialing, Fashionable robbery masks.

  2. Stuck in the '80s, Alien Tourist Snapshots, Soldier of Misfortune, Body Parts in Jars, Rejected Scenes from Alice in Wonderland, My Favorite Exotic Cocktail, World's Lamest Super-Villain, "I guess that could've been worse", G.I.Joe: After Hours, The 13th Labor of Hercules, Lies That Parents Tell

  3. Do you remember the SCTV skit (are you old enough) that was fake ads for variations on the Patty Duke show but instead of "cousins, identical cousins" they had "OPEC oil ministers, identical OPEC oil ministers" and "cheese hostesses, identical cheese hostesses"? Well, you get the idea….

    Things (or people) that should not be steampunk made steampunk, SyFy movies we want to see (or don't want to see)…..

  4. I thunk and I thunk, but could come up with nothing that compared to the already put forth suggestions. (hangs head in shame) I would love someone to draw some Zombie Ninja Cupcakes though. That would be a dream come true. Or, maybe a zombie Chuck Norris, dressed like a ninja, at a cupcake competition. That would be EPIC. Not list worthy, but epic all the same.

  5. Squid on roller skates. Historical celebrity mud wrestling. "I cut my own hair!" Krampus on spring break. Thor vs. the Garden Gnome. Odd thing playing a banjo.

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