We’re off to See the Star Wars!

Last week, I raised my fist to the sky and vowed that I would finish my projects this week and list them by Friday.  Apparently, I should shake my fist every week.  Maybe I should even shake both of them!  Because rawr!


First up, here’s the Wizard of Oz piece from start to finish:


Salty and Peppy


Wizard of Oz


WOZ - Feature Shot

The Wizard of Oz set is available in the shop.


Ready for Star Wars?


Original Barbershop Quartet


Greedo and Ponda Baba


Star Wars Bar Set - Figures Painted, but Not Base


SW Set - Feature


SW Set - Functions


SW Set - Feature 2

That’s in the shop, too!


And by my troth, I even managed to finish the Shakespeare piece!


Shakespeare - Feature


He’s available over here.

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  1. shuckclod

    They turned out so beautiful (awesome) Did Shakespeare get attached or not? Can't wait to see what is next 🙂

  2. Ohhhhh Ann they are fantastic. I love those cantina guys so much, but the star on the lion's eye is by FAR my favorite wee detail. I want them all. Can I just have them all?

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