Vote for Your Favorite Ornaments! (Closed)

In December, we posted “Easy Ornament” tutorials, and people made some gorgeous (and hilarious) decorations!  After all the votes, we are delighted to report that Charlie Brown won the December contest!  Congratulations!



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    • charlie brown

      Thanks Shay! I do love Orie's, there is something about the angularity of them that I really like.

  1. P.S. Just so everyone knows, Orie will be phenomenally excited that he's getting votes, but even if he gets a billion, he won't win the canvas, and he won't be featured on our home page. He might get a CJB canvas for his birthday, though, because when he heard that was a prize, he said, "I would like to have a Cindy Jo painting for my room that's just mine." <3

  2. nanner

    Orie is so adorable, I could SQUISH him!

    Stunning work, people! A perfect blend of watercolor gorgeousness and taxidermy insanity! LOVE all of them!

  3. cindyjob

    Thanks to everyone who voted and all of you who made awesome ornaments. It was a fight to the finish this month, as we all knew it would be.
    Congratulations to Charlie Brown! I will mail your prize off asap!

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