Obsessions and Origami

I want you to sing this with me like Yoko Ono:

I-I-I-I-I-I-I am a crazy person.

I-I-I-I-I-I-I am so neur-o-ticccc

I-I-I-I-I-I-I broke up The Beatles

I try not to break up The Beatles, but the rest of that applies to me pretty well.  I am more-often-than-not a friggin’ lunatic.  This is my evidence if it please the court:


Last week (Friday, to be exact), I saw this post on Polymer Clay Daily.  Cute, right?  I clicked on the flickr link to check out those smooth blends and patterns, and I was stunned.  Not by the bugs, which are ridiculously and gloriously awesome, but by the BOXES.  “OH. MY. GLOB.” I exclaimed to no one in particular, maybe not completely unlike LSP except replacing ‘lips’ with ‘boxes.’  This is like going into a Ferrari dealership and becoming enamored with the Turtle Wax.  I don’t know what it is about them that has SO captured my fancy, but… man.  Fancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  I have all these peg dolls that I have been working on that suddenly need sweet little boxes!  I immediately dropped everything I was doing and set about figuring out how to make this happen.

I tried several.  I tried this one.  Then this one.  I stuffed a couple of peg dolls and mailed them off in the square prototypes and liked them pretty well, but what I really needed was a rectangle.  I spent an entire evening plotting out and drawing patterns for large rectangle boxes based off of small matchbox templates.  You can see those in this picture:


Those didn’t work.  The only thing that kept me relatively sane was the fact that I was watching Elf on TV at the time.


There are little pieces of paper EVERYWHERE with notes and measurements and nonsense.  In the middle of all of this manic paper-folding, our darling Nanner put out the call for origami cranes.  MORE ORIGAMI.  You can see some cranes hanging out in the background up there if you look close.


I have been folding like a maniac pretty much nonstop since Friday.  It has been a frustrating few days.  I am suddenly surrounded by piles of paper, paper scraps, and orphan boxes.  I did finally make one work.  THIS ONE.  I needed something I could easily customize as far as size goes, so that one seemed to do everything I wanted.  Plus it seems to fold up pretty quick (as long as those side measurements truly are more than an inch – I’m working with 3/4 inch and it sure is fiddly – they ain’t lyin’!).  Today that knot of frustration finally loosened and I was able to step away from the paper folder and start working on these:


Check out those fancypants boxes!  They’re all matchy-matchy with the little skullhead dolls, even.  Not sure if it was worth the four days of papercuts and aggravation, but what the heck.  Now I have an easy way to display and package peg dolls for the bazillion shows I’ve been applying for.


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  1. shuckclod

    Grab a coffee, QUICK! They are great little boxes. I think after you make a few they will be so easy. Have a great week.

  2. Holy paper folding adorableness! Those look practically edible – and I LOVE that they're all matchy matchy with the skull dude. I would have given up and decided that the other woman sacrificed a baby on the altar of the Box Gods, but your perseverance totally paid off. You have to work that packaging into your pictures. Not kidding.

  3. I think those boxes with peg dolls, or anything you create for that matter, will FLY off the shelves at you shows! Now I have to go find out what a ScorPal is..

    • Thank you Michelle!! <3 I'm hoping for the best, for sure. If you decide you absolutely need one, I hear Ann has one she isn't using… 😉

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