Death’s New Job and A Guy with Spring Allergies: Free Digital Stamps

From our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, here’s what I like to think Death might be doing after they fire him for spiritual harassment:


Death's New Job_wonderstrange


Yes, it’s #21: Death’s New Job.  Really, though, after a day or two, all he has to do is cross out “gold” and write “soul,” and he’ll be right back in the old line of work.


*Insert clever segue that I am too tired to write for you because it is four in the morning*


Every year when the trees begin to bloom, my poor, sweet husband starts to look as if I might be using his face for a punching bag.  I keep begging him to see an allergist, and he keeps changing the subject, as a result of which, he looks like this, except with better hair.  And some nifty glasses.  And no face mask.  So . . . really, he doesn’t look much like this at all, except around the eyes.  Around the eyes, my husband is twinsies with #66: Allergic to Everything:


Allergic to Everything_wonderstrange


Check back tomorrow and Friday for mad bloggings!


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  1. Your poor husband and my poor Sebastian could trade allergy stories. I may have to make a birthday card for him with that next year.. lol!

  2. shuckclod

    Thank you for these 2 new ones. You should make those masks. I need one for the casino. The cig smoke kills me. Cute pattern ones with cats or dead things. Not dead cats. Tell DH to get a netty pot for his nose. It has a salt solution to rinse out all the crap that is way up there. Have a great rest of the week.

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