Cookie Cutter Ornaments Revisited

Last year, as I was getting ready for my holiday show at the Indiana State Museum, I got obsessed with ornaments.  Really obsessed.  With ornaments.  I sold several at the show, but since I’d made, oh, about a dozen more than that, I had leftovers.  Yesterday, I decided to pull them out to see how they looked.

When I go back to old work, there are roughly three ways for things to break down: 1) the old work looks amazing, and so I despair, wondering why my current work doesn’t look as good; 2) the old work looks disappointing, and so I despair, because yikes and oh my and how embarrassing; or 3) it’s all fine, and I don’t blog about it.

Look at me, blogging away.

Yes, I had Experience #2, the one with the disappointment and the despair.  Okay, despair might be overstating things.  They weren’t awful, but I wanted them to be better.  Take this set of ornaments made from cookie cutters with vintage glass balls attached to the bottoms.


Alice and Co 2012

Alice has a weird combination of attractive and unattractive features that’s endearing to me but (I worried) not endearing to anyone else, and the bunny seems unremarkable and fairly mediocre.  I don’t know.  They just tripped my panic button!  After reading Sarah’s acrylic tutorial from Thursday, I was inspired to rework these using acrylics.  Fortunately for me, I already had acrylic paper in the house, so off I went!
CC Ornaments - Still on Pad



Now the bunny is a proper little freak with freckles and a touch of ginger hair.


CC - Rabbit Lit


Alice, meanwhile, is a little girl with two giant big adult teeth that are way too big for her face.   Have I mentioned that I love teeth?

CC - Alice Lit


The Hatter has lovely hair and an 80s tie.


CC - Hatter Lit


And this year, I had the energy for a Queen of Hearts.  Go me.


CC - Queen of Hearts Lit

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  1. shuckclod

    The first ones are great and the second ones are great too. They are to beautiful just for the holidays. I wrap all my ornaments in tissue paper. I have a 20 years old dough reindeer that looks like gingerbread. It was made by a old friend. Those things you make are treasures. Great Ann 🙂

    • Thanks so much, shuckclod! Your comment inspired me to think that you could really do a fun garland with them in the kitchen if you had several sets – or even several sizes of the same shape, like a star.

  2. I like the first Alice! Your instinct about its dual personality is right on. Totally looks like an AnnD and with a great face. The new Alice and new bunny are cool! The top bunny is well done but not a stand out. What if you made one of those round cheeks into his timepiece (might be a terrible idea). 😀

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