Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (3/14/12)

Spring is here, and the women of wonderstrange are hoping the good weather lasts for another couple of weeks, when we will be having our First Annual Board of Directors meeting in Upstate New York, complete with numerous PowerPoint presentations, agendas, break-out sessions, and brainstorming sessions.  (That’s completely true, by the way, except that you might want to replace “PowerPoint presentations” with “art-making fiestas” and “agendas” with “tattooing sessions.”) Until the 24th, however, we’re all still hard at work making wondrous things for you to give to your friends and relations, or even just to yourself.


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Time to vote

It’s that time again, kids, time to vote for your favorite project of the month!  The winner gets the undying adoration and devotion of the internets (and a sugar skull bunny), so vote carefully!

Voting ends at 11:59 PM on 02/09/2012

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Tracy’s Pens:

pens organizer

Karen’s Birds:

birds birds

Jennie’s Ribbons:

ribbons ribbons

Karen’s Odds and Ends:

IMG_20120205_140052 art 006


Now go, go forth minions, tell your friends to look us up on their iPhones, tell your gramma to get on the AOL (imagine that dial-up modem sound right now.. Come on, you know you want to), leave a note in your mailbox, but get those votes in!