Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Work Rooms (10/5)

Now that October is here, we’re feeling the heat – literally.  It’s 80 degrees for some of us, but with various deadlines looming, it feels like 800 degrees for others!

Ann finished up last week’s custom Fizzgig purse without a second to spare.  She snapped this shot shortly before she packed up the purse and sent it south to the birthday girl.

This week, Ann is getting ready to alter some cute little houses she found at Goodwill to make them scary, spooky, amazing Halloween houses.  Here’s the before shot of the houses with their lids taped on:

Once the lids came off, the houses proved to be, um, a little dirty.  Okay, a lot dirty.   After trying to clean them in the kitchen, Ann got disgusted and relocated to the garage, where she spent about 45 minutes spraying, scrubbing, soaking, re-spraying, and re-scrubbing.  Delightful.

Last week, as you may recall, Cindy previewed some fantastic Halloween greeting cards, which are now available in her shop.   With those finished, she has moved on to this 12 x 12 house painting, which she claims puts the “P” in progress.  The rest of us think it puts the “P” in pretty damn awesome:



Nanner has been dreaming and scheming in preparation for introducing a new product line to her shop that combines her mixed media brilliance and her wonderful wit.  Here’s a delicious sample of things to come!

Sarah is still hard at work designing, writing, and videotaping her upcoming Day of the Dead (DOTD) class, available through Art Trader magazine beginning October 24.  This week, however, we’re giving you a tantalizing look at the DOTD garland from that class that we are all dying to make now.

Check back next Wednesday and every Wednesday for more sneak peeks and product previews!



First Ever Fifth Friday Contest!

Unfortunately, you missed this exciting contest, in which Kristin Marz won a FREE 5×7 canvas painted by our very own Cindy Jo Blair!  We’ll be having our next Fifth Friday contest in December.  Be sure to enter for a chance at another awesome prize!


WIP Wednesday

Howdy and welcome to the first ever WIP Wednesday, a chance to get a sneak peek at what’s getting worked up in wonderstrange studios and mad scientist laboratories!

Firstly and excitingly, Ann is TEACHING A WORKSHOP!!  She’s hard at work finishing up the final details, but it starts September 19th, and you’ll learn to make fabulous pieces of assemblage art!  For more information and to register, click here!

Cindy is in Halloween mode and is painting creepy cards.  They’ll be in her shop soon, but here’s some sneaky peeking:


Nanner is playing Dr. Frankenstein this week, check out the picture below – stay tuned for their electrifying appearance in her shop!

I’m working on articles for the upcoming Art Trader magazine, but in the meantime I’ve been drowning in paper beads!


I LOVE to snoop and see what people are up to (and what they’ve bought me for Christmas), so we’ll try to post something every week!