300 Paintings in 2013

Edit:  October 25, 2013 – This project was regretfully abandoned.  Boooooooo!  I know, it sucks.  Here’s the thing:  I started this project and then started applying for juried shows that required a specific category designation.  I juried for sculpture or mixed media for all of them, so I wasn’t allowed to bring paintings.  Spending painting time sculpting became a priority, so I only finished a handful of paintings.

I am satisfied though!  There are more paintings that never made it onto this post, so I think I made it to 30.  That is at least 3x the number of paintings I managed to finish in 2012!  Baby steps!

I will be back in 2014 with a new challenge that I am determined to finish.


I am a crazy person.  This has been previously established, but really, I’m a crazy person with evidence of my insanity (aside from that paperwork that I got back in 12th grade from the auditory studies department at the University of Northern Colorado that says my hearing is perfectly fine, so  the voices in my head are really just in my head).  I have decided to do 300 paintings in 2013.  The only thing that proves I haven’t lost it completely is that I nixed the idea of doing a painting every day seeing as it’s already the eighth and I’m finally doing the first one.  WHOOPS.

I’ll be updating this post as I go, mostly so I can keep a record of them after they sell or are stolen by gremlins.

    300 paintings 3  300 paintings 4 SOLD
3-D Oven Mitt: 5 SOLD  Novelty Bacon: 6  Dream Man: 7  
  300 paintings 15  300 paintings 16
300 paintings 17      


Naughty or Nice Gift Card Holders

We’re counting down to the zero hour with four days left until the big day.  If you have friends that have been too naughty for a cashmere sweater but nice enough for a Starbucks card, dress it up a little with these cutiepants gift card holders that can be personalized with coal for the naughties and  mod little tree for the niceies.  That’s an awkward word.


naughty gift card  nice gift card
These are probably the easiest things I’ve ever forced you into making.  I made both in about 45 minutes!

First, download and print the pattern (click on the picture to download the pdf).



Next, cut your pieces out of felt.  You’ll need two rectangles for each gift card holder (one for the front and one for the back), black for the piece of coal, and green (or turquoise or purple or zebra print) for the tree.

gift card pieces


Next, embellish your pieces as you see fit.  If you’re careful, you can embroider the lines on the coal and the face through the paper, just carefully remove all the bits when you’re done.  I embellished my tree with yellow embroidery floss and beads.

gift card naughty and nice


Next you just have to sew the fronts to the backs, stick a khaki-only Gap card in there, and you’re good to go, you lazy thing you!

From all of us at Wonderstrange (yes, all three of us), we wish you a Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Groovy Kwanzaa, and May the Yule be With You (and also with you)!


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