1. Ruth

    Love your funky style! Your little woman looks like she's flying – a theme that I return to often.

  2. Lisa Cousineau

    ah Sarah I love you so hard! Don't enter me in the contest though… I already have a set or two (or five hundred).

  3. Susan

    Oh, I'd love to play with these stencils! My DSIL is into sacred geometry, so I'd use these to create something special for him. Love the texture you added!

  4. Don't enter me in the contest, I already have some of these *amazing* stencils and I want someone else to have that opportunity.. But I just wanna say how awesome you are! How awesome your art is… AND THAT IS MY JAM.

  5. creativegoddessinrepose

    I am Swooning right with you Sarah with the Hot Pink Hair; FABULOUS!!!!!!💖 I love the textureporn of your spread and how the stencil is both the earth & the sun. That is so cool!!!!

    Now really SiStar, I must have these Geo 2 stencils. I love them so much!!!! I have just started playing with my ArtistCellar stencils I ordered a couple weeks ago (2 of them are from the Geo ! series) and they make me crazy happy. I am seeing these Geo 2 Stencils as Mine!!!! Mine I tell you!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA (crazy wicked laugh) Snort xo

  6. Phoenix Hilson

    Fantastic!! Truly amazing stencils – what I could do with a set like that . . . sigh. ~~ Phoenix ~~

  7. Nadine

    I think these stencils of sacred geometry are absolutely brilliant — finally!
    Sarah – quick question- where did you get your round journal?

  8. Lisa

    Love, love, love. The stencils and the art. I've always been a fan of your solemn little characters.

  9. makes me really wish i had kept that manual typewriter cause i fav that font. love the round paper as i often use coffee filter of that shape for some of my fiber arts. i think all wild women fly!

  10. Shay

    You crack me up. Love the art. Love the stencils. Love the attitude and yes suns should always be made of sacred geometry!

  11. Judi

    Lol Sarah I just spent the day with you, watching your Radiant lesson and thinking of little girl version of blame someone else day. I love this spread and would be super happy to win some 💖

  12. Fiona

    Oh wow – love these stencils!!! Thanks for the chance to win some. I love your RecorDori too.

  13. dobriendesign

    These are beautiful, I'd love to be included. Seem like the perfect stencil for Gelli Art and Zentangle!

  14. thecindysutton

    Amazing stencils and love your page… Your art is funnky cool.
    I would love to win these, they are so delicious
    just in case my email is cindysprivate@gmail.com.
    Thank you for the opp to win.
    Good luck to all

  15. jec0988

    Love your page, the saying you used an how you used the stencils. Can't wait to get me those stencils and start playing with them. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

  16. The stencils are fabulous and I love what you did with them, love the textures, the little girl and your deep musings 🙂
    I would love to win a set of the stencils, thanks!

  17. xolabajola

    LOVE!! I love the idea of sacred geometry being the sun! That Seed of Life one would be a cool sun also! Yay for bloghops and awesome prizes! pick meh pick meeeeeh!!

  18. Squiddy55/Anne Squir

    aaargh!!! I have to go through everyone's blogs, when I've stumbled across yours and just wanna rush off and DO!!!!

  19. You certainly DO have a way about you. LOVE your perspective on things (aka, l i f e). I'd be ever so grateful to receive a set of the Sacred Geometry 2 stencils…

  20. Yvonne

    Thanks for sharing your process and this great offer. Love your page! I've not used stencils in my art journaling yet and would love to win them!

  21. Deb Fortin

    this is the first ROUND journal I've seen and it's magnificent , clever, outta the box.

  22. Loved seeing this process, had seen the finished image and now I know how you got there, thank for sharing this.
    Would love a set of the stencils to play with as well.

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