100 Things to Draw When You Are Bored: 2012 Edition

Last year we posted 1oo Things to Draw When You Are Bored and it proved to be one of our most popular posts of 2011. This year we have 100 more fun things to fill up your sketch book.  We would love to see your interpretations of any or all of the items on the list . You can post your drawing in our Flickr group for all of us to enjoy and check in every Tuesday to see our take on the list.


Want a printable list?  Click here to download a single-page PDF!

1.   Zombies on parade

2.   A Very Bad Fairy

3.   Rejected Beanie Babies

4.   Goldilocks and The Three Penguins

5.   Thursday Addams

6.   Vampires in a mall

7.   Rapunzel’s first hair cut

8.   Spock in love

9.   Pencils have feelings, too

10.  Marie Antoinette drunk

11.  When shoes attack

12.  Goth prom

13.  Ice Princess in the summer

14.  Mr. Potato Arm

15.  Snow White’s new dwarves (Pushy? Hypochondriac?  Brainless?  Ruthless?  Raggedy?)

16.  William Shakespeare in the circus

17.  Square Dance Cuties

18.  Angry old man

19.  Lumberjack in a leotard

20.  Day of the Dead soap opera

21.  Dancing banana

22.  Soccer moms gone bad

23.  Glamour Don’t

24.  Food with a face

25.  Little girl with a pet monster

26.  Kitten Conductors

27.  Renaissance Faire rejects

28.  Two-headed man

29.  Fabulous mustache

30.  Bad hair day

31.  Cereal killer

32.  Teeny little super hero

33.  Smoking baby

34.  Girl with antlers

35.  Tiny Tiny head

36.  Blind date disaster

37.  Juggling something unexpected

38.  Costume party

39.  Organ grinder

40.  Bigfoot loves prom

41.  Sexy Halloween costume

42.  Bad dancer

43.  Elf vs Gnome

44.  Sacred hearts

45.  Why I’m afraid to go in the ocean (and other undersea creatures)

46.  The thing under my bed

47.  Birds in Hats

48.  The kissing booth

49.  Bigger isn’t always better

50.  12 days of Christmas ‘strange style

51.  Those who love striped socks

52.  Cavewomen

53.  Sickeningly cute baby animal

54.  Snowman Soccer

55.  Rainbows revisited

56.  Eyeball

57.  A robot in love

58.  Frankensein and Bride of Frankenstein in couples counseling

59.  Tattoo Art

60.  Gnaked Gnomes

61.  Venus Fly Traps

62.   Demonic toddlers (one here too!)

63.  Creepy faces

64.  Octopus with a cold

65.  Two jellyfish fighting over a hotdog

66.  Zombie in Love

67.  Wanna Be Guitar Hero

68.  Eyeball Flowers

69.  Robot on the beach

70.  Cute sushi

71.  Mimes getting ready to rumble

72.  Chicken wearing fishnets

73.  One eyed girl

74.  Zombie cupcakes

75.  Big Man, Little Hat

76.  Little Man, Big Hat

77.  Dancing Fool

78.  Sugar Skulls for any holiday

79.  Asparagus conga line

80.  Gothic Fairy Tale

81.  Outdated robot

82.  Aliens having coffee

83.  Frankenstein reading a self help book

84.  Girl with a pet fuzzball

85.  Monster grilled cheese

86.  Eyeball tree

87.  Irregular Arms

88.  High Fashion Lunch Lady

89.  Angry hula dancer

90.  Dancing Queen

91.  Jar full of….(anatomical hearts, ponies, naval lint, etc.)

92.  Man Bites Dog

93.  Bad puppet

94.  Krampus pays a visit

95.  Rowdy Royals

96.  Babies in a cheerleading pyramid

97.  A ballerina’s lunch

98.  Alice in Thunderdome

99.  Mad scientist

100.    Cheese snob

Cindy Jo (86 Posts)

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Goth Prom and Girl with Monster: Digital Stamps
Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (12/28/11)


  1. jennie

    Love the list. 2011 was learn to draw a face year. I have pages and pages of eyes, ears, hairlines……. I think they are getting better but I could be just telling myself that so I can draw somethig else

  2. Definitely gonna print off both lists as one list of 200. Master list will be put in the front of a Sketchbook; the other copy will be cut, folded, and put into a jar of sorts for random drawing for things to draw. 🙂

  3. […] Sarah loves two things, Asparagus and Striped Socks. I know this because last night when Ann and I drove up in the darkness after ten hours in the car she was wearing the socks and just tonight she made us delightful vegetables! So in the spirit of sharing her love with us she just now drew us this Asparagus Conga Line ( no. 79)  and this Lover ofStriped Socks (no.51) from our 100 Things to Draw when you are Bored […]

  4. […] This week’s offerings are two tragedies that have befallen many of us.  First up is the terrible toddler, also known the result of combining Godzilla’s DNA with the DNA of 1,000,000,000 cute puppies, along with 3ml of a dangerous chemical that makes your mother – the Terrible One’s grandmother – behave more kindly than you have ever seen in your life.  Second up is the blind date that is doomed to disaster.  For those of you keeping score, these are #62 and #36 on our 2012 list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored. […]

  5. […] Raise your hand if you have been on a bad blind date lately. Uh, yeah, me too. Actually the cinder block and the pointy ears are clear examples of artistic license but the half dozen red flags and the panicky girl are not so far from the truth! So as I was sitting outside, trying to find a beer I actually enjoy I chose number 36 from our 100 Things to Draw when you are Bored list. […]

  6. Kaylee_BVB_Luvr

    I'm working on the jar of……and im doing hearts!!! haha so im doing jar of hearts and im so excited becasue this is my first time using this site!!! 🙂 as you may b able to tell, im very excited!!!

  7. […] In the good old days, a panicked Princess on the run from an evil Queen could thrash through the woods and find seven dwarves without a problem.  Now, Snow White has to use online dating sites to find herself some male companionship, and look who she drummed up:  Cocky, Scary, Tubby, Wrinkly, Pathetic, Toothy, and Shorty, also known as Snow White’s New Dwarves, Number 15 on our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored. […]

  8. Sydney

    I wasn't really looking for this but when I decided to take a chance and look over all of these ideas, I noticed how creative and time consuming this must have been to come up with all of these ideas. So I literally looked over ALL of these ideas to find a couple that I was going to draw….. such as the 1st one and the 3rd one…haha! Good job!

  9. not a goth

    i do not think that this is a good website because these are gothic drawing and i am not a goth so…………….. :p

  10. Calista

    this was immensley helpful in curing my heartfelt and intense case of highly contaigious BOREDOM

  11. Bob

    Ok I know what to draw
    1 a volcano
    2 a fish
    3 a French balloon
    4 a volley ball
    6 doctor who's police box
    7 a pillow
    8 an island
    9 happy pizza
    10 a window
    11 a lion playing a guitar
    12 hello kitty
    13 Grr don't know how to spell is ps the green tog guy
    14 a taco eating a humon
    15 an angry puppy

    • Dianna argon

      Here are some ideas to draw.
      Tooth fairy
      Someone from a movie
      Actor or actress

  12. lain

    cool ideas to draw when we are bored next time can u post 100 things to watch when we are bored because i love watching because watching is the best thing ever to do when we are bored and again nice ideas very cool

    • I believe so! We've had people compete to see who could finish the list first. It makes for a very fun project, in a group or alone with your sketchbook!

      We'd love to see, either as you go along or when you're finished!

  13. Hannah

    Some real cool stuff here guys I hope it will give me a chance of winning in a compotititon x
    U really helped me x

  14. Mani

    You know that you could draw a perfect snickers and a perfect meal. I come from Australia
    Comment – I like it awesome

  15. Samantha

    Goth prom? Why is that funny, because "goth" people are sullen and depressed and would be a laugh to see them at a prom? This could have been a cute, funny list without putting people down. Lame.

  16. Nice list! I like finding ideas quickly so I can spend more time drawing and less time thinking about what to draw!! :-)) Just added this page to my favorites and will work through the list, trying to do one a day.

    By the way, another good source of inspiration of mine is this: https://www.facebook.com/aroundtheworldin80drawin….

    Got it for Christmas. Awesome for those who like drawing and traveling.

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